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Shinta Bachir: Enjoy Making out and Bathing Wet Scene

Movie star and actress Shinta Bachir (24) who earned the nickname of hot stars and boldly confessed relaxed open-open and labeled as such does not become a burden. For Shinta Bachir, as movie players are always interested in a challenging role.
Nickname of the person against Shinta Bachir in his role in the film that are considered sexy and sensual as it reasonable. Single people who often perform this sensual just think how she could act the maximum.

"Although not too sure, if there are people who say I'm sexy and sensual, it did not matter. If the demands of a role in a movie I have to look sexy and sensual, why not? Naturally, women do want to highlight the side of sensuality, if not push yourself , "Shinta Bachir said when met at an event in the region Cikini, Central Jakarta, Friday (5 / 1) night.
Since appear bold in the movie Suster Keramas, Shinta Bachir said there are a number of offers to play the movie, in which he boldly claimed act open-aperture and even with minimal clothing. However, the offer was not immediately received. Shinta Bachir did not want to challenge the role given too indulgence in the body and tend to be pornographic.
"Playing or playing the character with her bold scenes of baseball must be porn. If that is so I engga like gold, it would sound even baseball. At least there is a camera trick that makes it looks so elegant and not vulgar," says the girl who once dubbed as a movie player character This flirtatious and tantalizing.
So challenges such as what role the preferred? This question makes sweet black women born in Wonosobo, Central Java, these laughed. According to girl, the challenges do not have to open-aperture fashion.
"Like a challenging role that must be hot scenes, intimate, bath, or without clothes? Challenging could with other characters show. I like a challenging role, even though baseball remains a problem if there is a demand to look sexy," she said.
Previously, Shinta Bachir said smiling and then laughing when watching some of her latest film, Time. In the film plays the scene this sexy girl making out and wet bath. Shinta Bachir was deeply enjoy and appreciate the role that way.
Problem there is the possibility of skewed assessment of filmgoers Time, Shinta Bachir said, she's just doing the job professionally. Because the girl who never won the title of this 2007 Queen Party Icon did not want to go half-half in playing a character just because of her fear of bad image.
From the experience of playing soap operas and films, Shinta Bachir said, if the character played by inappropriate or enforced, the result would not be maximal. "As if someone said that I am a woman teaser," said the girl's body plays 167 cm and weighing 49 kg who claimed to have a 32c bra size are now preparing to make an album of pop R & B themed this.
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